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AIR JORDAN 29 generation of sneakers XX9 Post

Posted by admin 08/07/2016 0 Comment(s) Air Jordan 29,


After a series of publicity and preheating, JORDAN brand recently in New York officially released the long-awaited 29th generation of AIR JORDAN series shoes --AIR JORDAN XX9. New shoes two flagship science and technology, for the first time the use of high-performance woven upper, and re-innovation of Flight Plate technology, in addition to the integration of air visibility of AJ III, AJ XI carbon fiber material, called AIR JORDAN master of camp By. XX9 offers two two color to determine the listing in September, closer to the start time and other NBA basketball season. Knit uppers of shoes to bring the role of self-evident, which is introduced from the aspects of technology and the concept of running shoes, you can make the shoes more fit each wearer's foot (the same as customized for each person), the release It will be among the vice president of Jordan brand Dave Schechter (Dave Schechter) specific emphasis on the advantages in the application, "either center or point guard, are able to get the same as the tailored fit feeling." so that at the time of purchase, as we ordinary players will no longer correspond to the location of the stadium choose confused.

FlightPlate latest generation of technology, through the use of Pebax buffer board, FlightPate improved take-off can be controlled explosive energy output every time and maximizing energy recovery, front and rear foot Nike Zoom Air responsive zoom. If you do, then you are able to find the sole forefoot and heel outsole has a bridge connected, which ensures stability, allowing the heel to the toe of the power transition smoother. It is worth mentioning that Jordan attended the conference, and the legendary designer, is also vice president of Creative NIKE's Tinker Hatfield (Tinker Hatfield) displayed along the AIR JORDAN XX9. Let's enjoy with the official release of the video, the next generation of XX9 feel the most powerful charm.