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About sole design of Air Jordan 9

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Air Jordan 9 went public in 1994. Jordan was the first time Jordan had won three consecutive championships. He was so saddened by his father’s death that he gave up basketball and went to the Chicago White Sox as a baseball player. Retired shoe models. In contrast to the past, the design of Tinker Hatfield was based on the theme of the world, with a minimalist style and a simple and elegant design. The biggest innovation was the use of English, Chinese and Japanese patterns on the outsole to express the “world”. , with the follow-up of the Earth sign, echoing the theme of a pluralistic world. Air Jordan 9 can see the shadow of basketball in the world, Jordan has not only been a hero of American worship, but also let the people of the world indulge in his ingenuity.

This year, there will be two pairs of Air Jordan 9 ushered in, namely the Nike Air Jordan 9 Space Jam of the Big Dunk series and the Air Jordan “Tour Yellow” color matching the Kobe PE.

A few friends who knew a little bit should have noticed that the sole design of the Air Jordan 9 was rather special, with various patterns, and even familiar Chinese characters. So what exactly does such a shoe sole mean? The designer of Air Jordan 9 is Nike's legendary designer Tinker Hatfield. His original intention was to design Air Jordan 9 as a pair of shoes with world elements. This can be seen from the unique trapeze of the globe. Tinker said that he wanted to “tell the story with a big bottom and tell the story of the whole world”, so the real world is reflected in the bottom of the shoe.

The bottom of the shoes is a collection of multiple languages, and the familiar Chinese you see is actually a few characters in Japanese. This design of the sole also broke through the commonly used herringbone pattern or other non-slip lines on the sole, and at the same time preserved the technology and designed a different visual effect.