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Air Jordan 1 30 anniversary of the strongest illustrations

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This pair is the 1985 launch of the first two-color Chicago, fetish collection level is AJ fans in mind, today launched the 2015 Jordan Brand remake not know if you did not grab? The grapevine has been reported that the amount of the sale engraved very small, so buy Yoho! Boy who can not sleep right after a few days should be happy to have to wait for the launch of Ganso color again do not know how many years things. With us today and we remind ourselves of this boom ages of Air Jordan 1 now!

This pair of black and red color are called "Banned" (prohibited) and "Bred" The Air Jordan 1 is the classic of classics, because it is the legendary Jordan each year will be used once in the NBA fined $ 5,000 in tournament disable color.

The first double red and black color, home of the Chicago Bulls, Bulls fans is that each wants to have Air Jordan 1, classics degree and "Banned" belong to the same level, while Jordan had dressed up a generation of shoes.

"Royal Blue" is the first pair of Air Jordan sneakers launched the blue, although no long-term with the god of Jordan with aura, but as long as the name of the name OG 1985, it has become the shoes fans favorite destinations, speculation the price has been high.

The difference "Black Toe" and "Chicago" in addition to the color of the toe part of the switch to the black outside, although it is not often the latter with a large tray of God, but then in the Air Jordan Jordan iconic trapeze dress propaganda posters it, therefore, have a broader exposure and is very popular with the fans.

"UNC" all written is University of North Carolina (UNC), which is the Air Jordan series Jordan's alma mater for the first time to spend the iconic light blue white color. This year's winter Jordan Brand will launch a replica Oh, this must not be missed.

This pair of black and red color 1994 Air Jordan 1 Retro version and differences "Banned" 1985 is no cross pattern behind the shoes, but shoes are the basic design is modeled on the original production.

"Metallic Series" sold a total of several colors, white shoes are all different heights attention plus a metallic color. Because it is one of the very early works, it is now very difficult to find and collect a set in the market, it is difficult to start the series. This pair with full pattern is Nike Air Jordan 1 and Doernbecher Children's Hospital to launch the charity shoes. The main purpose is to raise funds want to take to purchase additional resources to help children in need for the Children's Hospital. Every year, the introduction of different Doernbecher joint shoes, each will become a hot topic of shoes Circle. 2012 Jordan Brand to Wing for the future of the subject, and got the British fashion painter Dave White to launch this joint Air Jordan 1, sale by sale to charity. In addition to Dave White's paintings on the body of the shoe print outside, more inside tongue embroidered on his name, is a collection level shoes.