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Air Jordan 6 cherry color Analysis and Appreciation

Posted by admin 04/07/2016 0 Comment(s) Air Jordan 6,


Read the "Slam Dunk" people know air jordan 6 Yingmuhuadao Sakuragi is derived from this inspiration. This cartoon gives us the feeling is indescribable, when I see relevant content, it will remind us of his green years. From the air jordan 6 retro overall design point of view, these shoes are really outstanding, we miss the past to meet the needs of that point.

On air jordan 6 Sakuragi color, there are many areas worthy of study. It should be said that this shoe is the main tone of white, on this basis, joined the red and black decorations. For example, part of the tongue is black, and Michael Jordan's flag is red. This gives these shoes adds a lot of dynamism and vitality. Some people think that white shoes very good care, in fact, since the air jordan 6 retro these shoes mainly leather material, even if they become dirty, you can also quickly wipe work to restore it to the finish Degree. In addition to the characteristics of color, air jordan 6 Sakuragi also has many features of functional, so many fans ecstatic. For example, the durability of the shoe more prominent, relatively long life cycle. Another example, the shoe's combat capability is quite good, a basketball court, you can definitely make chasing.

By air jordan 6 retro understanding, we can know that Sakuragi basketball shoes has brought us, not just the appearance of the atmosphere, but also practical function. Sakuragi choose a pair of basketball shoes, satisfy our quest for beauty and longing for sports. Life the way it should attack the basketball numerous times after, accompanied us, as well as Sakuragi.