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Cheap Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro OG Basketball Shoes

Posted by admin 02/08/2016 0 Comment(s)


February most anticipated shoes sale comes this Air Jordan 4 Retro OG "White Cement" heavy return, authentic reproduction OG details hundred percent the first year, followed by the Nike Air logo is the most eye-catching highlights weight now. In addition to crisp white cement color to bring Air Jordan 4 shoes four generations of vibrant, white shoes are supplemented by cement dust and black with white shoes appearance in the outfit also has wild effect. Detail of red injection, then the words with red Jumpman Logo Flight 1989 classic trapeze perfect reproduction.
The 27-year-old has been on this classic retro sneakers, behind it there are numerous anecdotes and stories, you need to know! Before this sale, as well as on new shoes the foot, the details behind it a great atmosphere, and perhaps more interesting than the shoe itself! As one of the first year of OG Air Jordan 4 color shoes four generations of paragraph 4, the initial offer in February 1989. At the time of this retro shoes today can be described as very trendy, not everyone can accept such an avant-garde design of basketball shoes appear in the NBA arena.
OG paragraph of the first year of the current year still survive in the world, has experienced 27 years, probably more than a lot of old friends Sneakerhead shoes fans are big, no chalking sole is also yellow, but also a breakthrough on eBay Rare Commodity million yuan. Today we did a search on eBay, and found no money in the first year of 1989 to sell the color section. In addition to working the Air Jordan 3 and the Nike ad and MJ shooting, director Spike Lee for Air Jordan 4 rating is also high , and also love this classic shoes. Similarly to join the Air Jordan 4 MJ shooting of television commercials, White Cement White cement as the main natural appearance. And in his famous film "Do The Right Thing" in, Air Jordan 4 White Cement also conspicuous appearance, it is already for a shoe with a lot of scenes, publicity naturally good. Also appeared in February 1989 on sale in the first year, in television commercials are also on stage hand in hand with the color white cement, White Cement has a sibling called black cement color of the Air Jordan 4 "Black Cement". It appears to be not quite familiar? Correct! This is what we commonly known as the black and red color Air Jordan 4 "Bred", but it's the first year of paragraph color name Black / Cement Grey, because of the use of gray cement named. In an article about white cement, this cement black color also must be mentioned. In 1999, the first time engraved, in 2008, when it brought the CDP version, then color in the title appeared in the word Fire Red. In the re-engraved in November 2012, when, Black / Varsity Red-Cement Grey color name is probably only be called Bred color.

At the same time it should also be another very famous nickname, named for May 7, 1989 Bulls game against the Cavaliers. In the final moments of the game, MJ in a free-throw line jumper, complete disregard to the closure Cavaliers player Craig Ehlo, 2-pointer to help the Bulls 101-100 lore opponents! Spot worn Air Jordan 4 "Black Cement" has therefore been called "The Shot" color. And based on this classic moment in Cavaliers jersey colors to create retro knight color Air Jordan 4 Cavs surely we are already quite familiar, not too much here described. Remember do not put this color linked with the New York Knicks like!