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Cool Nike Jordan 7 Shoes Information

Posted by admin 12/07/2016 0 Comment(s) Air Jordan 7,

1992, introduced the world to Tinker Air Jordan 7, and the upper completely abolished NIKE LOGO, this is a very strange thing at the time, at Tinker against all the odds, to the final listing.

AIR JORDAN 7 help Jordan get a second championship, also shine in the Barcelona Olympic Games, and the use of technology to support HUARACHE. All kinds of shoes aura by many fans sought after, but also makes sense. After the sale on Saturday just over Air Jordan 7 "Nothing But Net", and announced the sale of a 7 generations. And since 2015, Air Jordan 7 has gone through 23 seasons, even though the 7th generation did not get too hot dishes, but there are seven generations in the story and the meaning is quite rich by Tinker designed 7 on behalf of the board at the beginning of 1992 the stage, before the design is different from 3-6, seventh-generation design will cushion window into the closed design, while the body of the shoe does not appear Swoosh Logo, more prominent and Air Jordan Jumpman brand image. There are five color the first year, including the representative of Jordan in 1992, USA Basketball Dream Team in the Olympics Games color used by seven generations, different from other first year as a major feature of color followed by the number "23" to " 9". In 2002, 10 years after the first engraved Air Jordan 7, which includes two color, white and blue and black and red. Two years later, in 2004, re-engraved, a total of six colors to be engraved, and the Olympic debut of the color is also engraved stage. The time came in 2008, in the "7 + 16" CDP suite, "Hare" Bugs Bunny first color engraved. And then, a lot of color has been exposed, including "Bin 23" color and stir J2K and other people also relish.
Offering 23 years of river, Jordan 7 also has a dozens of color, if you ever have had in which one do? Which is your favorite color it? Here we have to look back together at the history of Air Jordan 7 color