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Full-color guide Air Jordan 4

Posted by admin 19/07/2016 0 Comment(s)


2015 Jordan Brand 30 is the anniversary of the closing date 2015 engraved two pairs of classic Air Jordan 4 Shoes, "Oreo" and "Columbia blue." To know these two color first appeared in 1999, or 16 years ago, at that time I was 5 years old. Today to give us the history of the most classic one of a series of Air Jordan Air Jordan 4.

The first year of sale or in the distant 1989, the first sale of a total sale of four color of the Jordan Shoes, they are "white cement", "black and red", "white and red" and "white-blue", which is four color each complex Onslaught engraved sale. The first Jordan Brand Air Jordan 4 Retro for sale or in 1999, 10 years after the first year of sale, "black and red" "white cement" color engraved back, plus a new color "Oreo" and "Columbia Blue" color, 1999, for the first time beyond the engraved Air Jordan 4 "Bling Bling" color, it is worth mentioning that in 1999 three pairs by color instead of the original leather upper mesh material.

2004 Summer Air Jordan 4 has added two new colors, "white and green" and "cool gray" color, year after Air Jordan 4 "20 anniversary of the" color on sale, plus two "laser" version of the shoes for sale this limits the amount of two pairs of shoes are on sale. In 2006 Air Jordan 4 ushered in the second round engraved, within four months of the sale of a total of nine pairs of shoes. Classics such as "black", "white", "yellow travel" "Lightning," "thunder" color were sold that year, as well as the classic "blue and gray" color.

In 2008, Air Jordan 4 "black and red" color along with the Air Jordan 19 "Countdown" kit in the form of re-engraved back. In order to meet the 2010 Jordan Brand 25 anniversary of "all-white" color to the anniversary of the return in the form of re-sale, a year later, the children Isaiah Scott designed "Charitable Children's Hospital" version of the Air Jordan 4 for sale.

2012 23 anniversary anniversary Air Jordan 4, Jordan Brand on sale 6 color of the Air Jordan 4, all of the first year of use and classic design shoe "Nike Air" shoes label. Four year average annual color engraved on sale in 2012, "Lightning" color engraved regression, it is worth mentioning that the new color can be described as a pair of shoes in the classic Air Jordan 4 "Knight" color outlets. In 2013, three new Air Jordan 4 Retro for sale, including "Raging Bull," "gray-green" Air and color can be described as one of the best Jordan 4 "fear" on sale. 2015, Jordan Brand 30 anniversary, "Oreo" and "Columbia Blue" color with engraved, plus new sale this month, "teal" color, as well as to meet the 30th anniversary of the Air Jordan 4 "laser" .

There are rumors that Jordan Brand will be re-engraved version of the first year of sale, followed with "Nike Air" Air Jordan 4, do not know if I can see them in the near future. Here is the Air Jordan 4 full-color guide, stated: Limit the amount does not include some version or PE version, such as: Air Jordan 4 Eminem and the like.