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Informations About Air Jordan 13 Shoes

Posted by admin 07/07/2016 0 Comment(s) Air Jordan 13,

Posts 12 generations before have said this week made 13, 13, deliberately chose this date to send, ha ha, please watch it.
  Sometimes the original inspiration may be because of the color of shoes is a little bit twisted, Air Jordan 13 is a very interesting example. Air Jordan 13's design inspiration comes from "Black Cat" is understandable, in which the All-Star and Black Air Jordan 13 playoffs represented in dim black shoes, exudes a dark green holographic Qiaodan Fei people plus LOGO on No. 23, like the big cats in the dark eyes staring at the opponent. Tinker 13 generations when designing entirely by virtue of his many years of observing Jordan, Jordan elusive in the game, like cats, like quietly walked behind the opponent's extraordinary burst of speed to steal. When Jordan finally know the Air Jordan 13's inspiration comes from "Black Cat" when very surprised, because it was the only nickname among a few close friends Jordan most use, he was curious to know why this unknown Tinker nickname. I believe this is the "minds" co-designers and athletes long after it! Air Jordan 13 shoes overall substantially in accordance with the feline body to flow linear design, interlocking design inspired outsole is also derived from the edge of the details feline claws, some of the decorative dots shoe body speckle pattern to mimic those cats who can say that this is a pair of the letter, design inspiration from the ferocious feline shoes. As for why the design inspiration is twisted it? Listed in the first year of Air Jordan 13 is the color white and black color (we called "Panda" color), since those white shoes arcuate edge material excessively somewhat like an elephant's foot rather than feline feet, Therefore, the information is also not very well developed in the year, was also expressed that these shoes design inspired by an elephant's foot. ZOOM AIR cushion continues to be used in the generation of shoes, however, and Air Jordan 12 generations is different, on behalf of 12 with a full charge through palm ZOOM AIR cushion, on behalf of 13 in this configuration change, you can He said that progress can also be said to be backward. ZOOM AIR is that progress has been very purpose allocated in the foot and the ground will be exposed to the place, to avoid air damping is caused by instability of the shoes have a little; regression is that the overall volume of air is reduced . In the end is good or whole palm palm good points, it is no answer to a question, after all, everyone's needs are different.
 Air Jordan 13 Low generation was launched to help low version, and in the 1998 Eastern Conference finals and final finals, Jordan himself had to wear to play, in the allocation of Low version should not change, but the appearance has been altered, the original "leopard Yaner" on the upper (also called it "child cat"), and to have a metallic "JUMPMAN" LOGO, the use of upper and lower outer inner design high, after that Lebron's also reflected on 2 Low. When it comes to Air Jordan 13 can not say what that movie - "He Got Game (Chinese have translated as: singled out)," the film by Spike Lee (Spike Lee) director, Denzel Washington and Ray Allen starring Denzel Washington movie protagonist, played by Jake Shuttlesworth corner, in many scenarios were wearing Air Jordan 13 black and white color (commonly known as the panda is a lot of people 13), so these shoes also have a movie of the same name and nickname Air Jordan 13 - He Got Game. If you carefully see the film, it can be found in the movie, there are many players in NBA legend and interviews way guest appearance, and finally Jordan himself was the movie Jordan and say what: He Got Game! ! Besides a way, this movie has a lot of shoes in the lens, such as Air Jordan 12, Air Foamposite One, Air Foamposite Pro, Nike Air More Uptempo, Nike Air Max Uptempo 97 other classic shoes, you can be interested in look for the film, ha ha! ! About AIR JORDAN 13, I feel 11, and generation of, like, a lot of people like it, think it is beautiful, there are people who do not like, I feel it is very cumbersome to wear shoes, a pair of shoes has its advantages must have its drawbacks , then again, if they like, and some wear, that is enough. I myself chose to play real Air Jordan 13, feeling lighter than 12 generations on weight, mainly that it is more suitable for my own foot, comfort and cushioning of these aspects are good, after all, I am playing strength not so big, as breathability, 13 on behalf of the body of the shoe has two materials can be selected according to the needs of the wearer, to say the shortcomings, I think that I, on behalf of the sole 13 there is no wear shoelaces easily open, which in turn these two points of it, I still recommend playing 13 generations.