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New Informations Air Jordan 13 Reviews

Posted by admin 19/09/2016 0 Comment(s) Air Jordan 13,


 AIR JORDAN 13 is a full line of basketball shoes in my favorite generation. Can not be said, from the first generation of AIR JORDAN Shoes beginning in their own way ahead of any other department of a shoe, you hardly find AIR JORDAN shoes design elements in other shoes, his design is always in aesthetic convention was out of tune, always subvert our cognitive shoes, always carrying the basketball superstar's most powerful weapon, and each generation of AIR JORDAN shoes available will also touch our nerves, forcing us to pursue . This too unusual cast of Jordan, but also created a brilliant AIR JORDAN shoes.

"Last Dance", which is when the Bulls training camp before the 1997-98 season, "Zen Master" Phil Jackson distributed to the title of each team in the hands of the player manual. Earlier, team executives said they would not renew Jackson, did not want to retain Pippen, Jordan is declared not to play for other coaches ...... everyone is aware of: This year will be the last dance of the Bulls dynasty, the final song people scattered outcome is inevitable. and

Air Jordan series after a perfect long-term development, but finally his breakthrough in 1997 - departing from Nike, it becomes relatively independent brand: Jordan Brand. A legendary curtain call, another new play is staged, two passing, destined to burst out dazzling sparks. Air Jordan 13 is this spark of crystallization, it is accompanied by Jordan sneakers in the last quarter of the Bulls, even though it did not experience the 1998 Finals Game 6 last 5.2 seconds of a perfect cast (Air Jordan put in that game Jordan 14), TWO3 concept first appeared also in the Air Jordan 12, but it is indeed the 1997-98 season, Jordan's exclusive shoes, is the first witness to that history. AJ13 emergence witnessed the disappearance of a dynasty, but also on behalf of another dynasty (AIR JORDAN shoes) the rise.



To come up with this pair Air Jordan 13, greeted classic design, full of shoes, shoe overall streamlined design of the first time will firmly grasp your heart, this is still operated by the Tinker Hatfield basketball shoes designed knife known as the performance of the entire series of the most outstanding performance of a shoe. AJ 13 beginning in the design, Tinker and Jordan sit together to discuss the design of shoes. Tinker previously noted Jordan's playing style and cheetah has many similarities: for example, will not rush to Jordan and aggressive, but patiently waiting for the opportunity, the time is ripe will quickly jumped, never let the opportunity slip from her grasp . This style of cheetah bloodthirsty jungle survival is quite similar. Finally, when the idea say Tinker Jordan, Jordan simply to admit to his privacy, his friends often call him in private most similar "Black Cat" shoe design, and is the sole element cheetah. Entire sole is designed to resemble an animal paw style. Shoes top AJ hologram is another notable feature 13, depending on the viewing angle, 23 or trapeze signs will flash alternately, this feature has become in the future to identify the authenticity of the shoes AJ 13 a flag.