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Nike Air Jordan 6 Basketball Shoes Men

Posted by admin 09/03/2018 0 Comment(s)

Before we started designing Air Jordan 6, Michael and I had an exchange. "I hope the uppers do not have too much decoration. Try to be concise. When I buy leather shoes, I also like those simple styles. They look refreshing." We took Michael's advice and the lines of the Air Jordan 6 looked like. It's quite simple and lively. In order to ensure the smoothness of the shoe-making process, we have deliberately designed some small holes in the tongue, from which we can find our fingertips. Michael was very satisfied after reading. He suggested that we use a similar design on the heel. As a result, Air Jordan 6 has become a epoch-making pair of shoes. This is the first time that sports functions, fashion elements, and humanity have been combined. Through the trial of the court, this pair of shoes can also play a very good role in protecting the ankle.


Obviously, Air Jordan 6 Cheap Jordans had the purpose of overthrowing its predecessors at the very beginning of design. With Jordan’s growing age, it also has different views from the perspective of ideology and actual use. This pair of air jordan shoes also accompanied Jordan to win the first championship, which opened the way to "God Seal." The Air Jordan 6 midsole also continues the visible AirSole air cushions used in previous generations of products, but AirJordan6 has a very beautiful "dotted point", tongue kbc6n has a very bright and beautiful Jumpman Logo, plus the innovative shape of the shoes , it is very delicate. At the same time AJ6 also continued the AJ5's plastic shoelace buckle design, to know that this design was very popular at that time, almost at that time in most people's eyes to measure the quality of sports shoes "bar". Tiner improved the elastic buckle design of the plastic shoelaces used in the Air Jordan 5 to make it more compact and easy to fasten the shoelace, while also playing a very good decorative effect. From the aspect of appearance, what I have heard is basically to admire its advanced design and very satisfied casual style. Only appearance, for many jordan shoe fans its "value" can also enter the top five shoes.