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Nike Men Air Jordan Shoes -Surprising Chritmas Gift

Posted by admin 02/11/2016 0 Comment(s) Air Jordan 13,


Whether panda, all-star or white, gigi, AJ13 as a whole is always exudes an elegant, Smart atmosphere. Which although the lowest price of white and red, but with white as the main tone, red as the secondary color, and to give a black embellishment is a very balanced, indifferent feeling, like a glass of red wine as mellow, filled with intoxicating aroma. Air Jordan Shoes large area of ​​leather used to show noble.

Due to the large area of ​​leather used, and in addition to the tongue parts other than no ventilation holes, it can be concluded AJ13 permeability is not ideal. But the strange thing is the landlord kick down 5 games and not "cover their feet" feeling, the average temperature of about 30 ° C, the landlord in the Northeast, may also have not entered the summer, the reason is not hot. But compared with ZK4 feel half a catty, not much difference.

First that the cushioning. Nike Men AJ13 is separated from the front and rear of the zoom air, moderate cushioning. In contrast, Lbj6 the entire palm of the air cushion is too soft, wearing the ball for some time after feeling the feet sour, similar to the ZK4 after the palm has a similar sour feeling; AJ12 good flexibility, but too much force will occasionally stepped on the big Bottom of the "bottom" feeling. AJ13 air cushion can be said to be ideal, after the game did not have the feeling of acid feet. The following is divided into front and rear palm to explain:

When the actual feeling of the front palm air cushion seems thin, but there is no "bottom" feeling. This is like the Louzhu to break through as the main means of attacking the defender is very rare, because the harder forefoot to reduce the start time, increase agility, which will be mentioned later.

After the palm air cushion thick, not too soft feeling, it can be said that very comfortable. But the strange thing is that after the palm of the feeling of the zoom is not uniform, there may be landlord feet problem, this part of the feeling seems to highlight the point.

For the back of the palm to the ankle part, impeccable, very reliable, put on after feeling ankle is well protected, and not too tight feeling, very comfortable. Compared to LBJ6, although the same protection, but the comfort is not good Air Jordan 13, it is worth mentioning that the AJ13's big tongue attached to the legs feel really good ah ... ...

The forefoot, feel more empty, not a good package to live in the forefoot in the shoes have a certain activity space, by contrast, ZK4 behaved very well, very good wrapped around the feet, although the ankle Was ignored. So if you want to wrap the forefoot, then need to tighten the shoelaces.