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The latest release Nike Air Jordan 9 basketball shoes

Posted by admin 23/07/2016 0 Comment(s) Air Jordan 9,


Jordan retired the first time. Influence growing in the world, three NBA championships, Barcelona Olympic champion, eight pairs of classic shoes, let Jordan become a world-class stars. People have not the NBA, but The Sun Also Rises, as usual sneakers do.

 In order to fit the Jordan was "world class star" this feature, Jordan 9 on behalf of the sole is quite fun, he joined the multi-country languages, including German, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Swahili (A East African popular languages), Japanese - two characters just appear in Japanese kanji "world" we can understand, which is not designed to be placed in Chinese, because at that time in China NIKE traffic is not great. Built Chicago's United Center, the Chicago Bulls to commemorate the greatest player in history, the main entrance of the United Center Jordan placed a bronze statue of the body, Tinker Air Jordan 9 is selected as a bronze statue wearing the shoes, very interesting, really I am in Jordan Bulls period, and did not wear a pair of 9-generation appeared in the game. After the start of the new season, Jordan was unable to speak on the basketball court has been designed and produced by the Air Jordan 9, thus forced to choose a group of NBA newcomers NIKE endorsement, these include the "Penny" Hardaway. Jordan selected when the Chicago White Sox as a baseball player's comeback, Tinker and Jordan 9 generations with ramps and NIKE baseball shoes soles specifically for Jordan produced a pair of baseball shoes, but there is a small mistake in the soles , NIKE's LOGO appears again, but fortunately this is just a pair of baseball shoes, rather than the regular Air Jordan basketball shoes. Air Jordan 9 and no breakthroughs in science and technology, but in the bottom side of the forefoot support bar improves the stability of the shoes only, in terms of design, Air Jordan 9 start from the heel to the toe of a black material extension, so this design Jordan somewhat satisfied, because as early as six generations when Jordan would have requested it, want their toe excessive material is no longer present, while nine generations came a big "counterattack" final Tinker persuaded Jordan, Air Jordan 9 design is preserved to the present. Air Jordan 9 generations from the beginning, a newcomer joined the design team Jordan shoes, this is Mark Smith, a design expert, Air Jordan 9 shoe heel full of graffiti-style pattern is his work, after which he and Tinker a complete generation of 9--15, 20, 23 generation design.